Virtual Tours

Sit back and enjoy one of my ten themed unique online tours on Irish heritage and culture with me in traditional costume taking you through a superb photo gallery of images with fascinating stories on varied topics such as our wonderful Irish Castles, The Great Famine, Ancient Mythology,  Halloween, a world renowned Literature, our unique traditions or enjoy a simple tour of Ireland itself. In Dublin you can experience a spooky ghost tour or a sauntering walk around this medieval city as well as my acclaimed musical tour from being a professional singer as well as qualified tour guide.

Tour 1 – Tour of Ireland

Available from Monday, 5th April 2021. Take a whistle stop journey around Ireland’s favourite tourist attractions without having to travel there, including three world heritage sites, all in the company of a qualified local guide who will show you why this country is so popular with visitors.

Virtual Tour of Ireland

Private Virtual Tour of Ireland

Tour 2 – Musical Tour of Dublin

Available from Monday, 5th April 2021. Enjoy some of Dublin’s old time songs with a local professional singer and the fun option to partake in a coached interactive singing session while learning about their associated locations, people and history.

Virtual Music Tour of Dublin

Private Virtual Music Tour of Dublin

Tour 3 – Ghost Tour of Olde Dublin

Available from April 2021. Come with me and I will regale some spooky stories and characters from medieval Ireland when times were tough and life was not always as it seemed on the cobbled mean streets of Dublin in the dead of night.

Virtual Ghost Tour

Private Virtual Ghost Tour

Tour 4 – Ancient Mythology of Ireland

Available from May 2021. Take a trip back in time to learn about the magical worlds of gods and goddesses, kings and queens, fairies and goblins, witches and warriors that all make up the colourful story book of Irish Mythology.

Tour 5 – The Land of Saints & Scholars

Available from Bloom’s Day, 16th June 2021. Ireland is called ‘The Land of Saints and Scholars’, our writing is revered world wide and here we explore the
history of our languages and some of our most celebrated scribes including our four Nobel Prize Winners for Literature.

Virtual Literature Tour

Private Virtual Literature Tour

Tour 6 – The Famine & Emigration Story

Available from July 2021. The tragic misfortune of a diseased potato crop that left a growing nation destitute and hungry resulting in a mass exodus to the new world and giving millions of people in far flung places an Irish ancestry.

The Famine & Emigration Story

Private Famine & Emigration Story

Tour 7 – Traditions of Ireland

Available from August 2021. Take a journey through the ages and the many aspects of our wonderful traditions and learn how the Irish did things in a unique and entertaining way so as to amuse themselves and charm the wider world.

Traditions of Ireland Tour

Private Traditions of Ireland Tour

Tour 8 – Walking Tour of Dublin

Available from September 2021. Take a leisurely saunter around old Dublin in the company of a qualified tour guide taking in some of the most historical and cultural heritage sites and learning the interesting stories behind them.

Virtual Walking Tour of Dublin

Private Virtual Walking Tour of Dublin

Tour 9 – The Story of Halloween

Available from Halloween 2021. For this annual tour, available only at the end of October you will learn how this world famous festival started out on a sacred hill in Celtic Ireland and it’s all thanks to a glamorous goddess who you will even get to meet.

Tour 10 – Historical Castles of Ireland

Available from November 2021.  A selection of four of Ireland’s most famous ancient castles in Rathfarnham and Clontarf in County Dublin and Trim and Slane in County Meath showcasing their origin, decline, renovation and what there is to see and do when you visit them today

Historical Castles of Ireland

Private Historical Castles of Ireland