1. Customers must follow the instruction of the guide at all times from beginning of the tour time to the end of the tour time within the two hour timeframe.
  2. If a customers diverts from the tour route of their own accord the guide cannot be held responsible for their actions or subsequence’s thereof.
  3. All children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult/guardian at all times on the tour.
  4. Sashes distributed must be worn at all times in order to identify legitimate participants as part of the group.
  5. Customers wishing to have refreshment or toilet breaks must inform the guide before doing so.
  6. Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn for inclement weather conditions.
  7. DMHT does accept responsibility for any trips and slips on a street/footpath paving surface, customers must watch their step at all times.
  8. All payments must be made in advance through the website or late tickets will be sold on the time of the tour.
  9. There is a no refund policy on prepayments by DMHT but any cancellations can avail of another tour time once it is communicated in writing.
  10. Final group numbers must be confirmed two days in advance.
  11. If a tour is cancelled by DMHT from unavoidable circumstances you will be offered another immediate tour time or reaccredited your payment.
  12. DMHT has a right to change tour prices with a one month notice period.
  13. Rates quotes are fully inclusive of all charges and taxes.
  14. Gratuities are at the discretion of the customer.
  15. Customers are entitled to keep the tour brochure as a memento.
  16. All photographs and video taken by customers must only be posted to their private social media accounts.
  17. Any customers with special needs requirements must inform DMHT beforehand in order for accommodation to be assessed.